Sunday, March 29, 2009


The handset felt quite heavy to us (it weighs in at 175g) and at 116 x 59.2 x 17.25mm, it’s not the sveltest kid on the block. However, the casing is classy (the demo device was a mix of black and silver/grey, although the final color may change slightly). Our demonstrator was quick to point out that, size-wise, there’s not much in it between the Touch Pro2 and the TyTN II. He added that those who had held onto their TyTN II devices and bypassed a move to the Touch Pro, would likely leap at the chance to upgrade to this modern iteration.
The handset makes use of the latest version of HTC’s innovative TouchFLO 3D interface, which acts as a skin over Windows Mobile 6.1. Windows Mobile tends to have a marmite-like effect on business and consumers alike; you either love it or you hate it. From what we saw during our brief hands on, the new TouchFLO 3D software goes some way towards sweetening the bitter Windows pill for allergic users. Word is, you’ll also be able to bag yourself an upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.1 to Windows 6.5 for mobiles when it comes out later in the year.
The Touch Pro2 we got our hands on was running alpha software so we were ready to easily forgive any quirks it served up. However, alpha or not, navigation was a brief, providing an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience. If that’s what the alpha is capable of, we have high hopes for the final version of the software. One new treat for users is the ability to view TouchFLO in landscape mode, which depending on what you’re looking at can make quite a big difference to the whole experience. Touch-wise, we found the 3.6in screen pretty responsive to our commands and the keyboard’s keys were a good size too. Indeed, HTC says it has more tightly integrated Windows Mobile to enlarge touch focus areas so that they are much more “finger-touch friendly.” It seems to be working.

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